The ATFE Herb Garden St. John's Wort Photo page by Anya McCoy   The background color is claret red, to signify the deep red color the infused oils becomes. Some of these photos can be viewed full size by right-clicking them and selecting "view photo".

In the olden days, artistic renderings
were the only way to study the 
herbs (on paper).

Then, modern cameras gave us 
the ability to see the BIG picture, 
like this field of SJW.

Still, the ability to focus in on the
perky flowering tops allows us 
to see the true nature and 
botany of this healing plant.

The flowering tops on an overcast day, 
waiting to be harvested.

A good closeup of the flower. You cannot 
see the little oil glands that 'perforate' 
the flower and leaves, but they're there. 
You have to hold the flowering top up 
to the light to see the glands.

Now you have to 'test' the crop. The 
flowering tops are at the peak of potency 
when you rub them together and they stain
your fingers red/purple.
Photo copyright Henriette Kress,

I don't live in an area where SJW grows, so I
have to have it shipped, overnight, on ice, 
from up north. It is exciting when it arrives,
and very busy, since it HAS to be infused 
while fresh.

Here is a batch, in a 20qt bain-marie, after simmering 
for hours. The tops are 'spent', and they have given
up their beautiful red color to the oil.

Sometimes, I also infuse them in the sun for
about two weeks, then strain them and bottle
them in sterile jars 
(see instructions on main page).

This is a good tool to press out the SJW oil -- a unit known as a wine or fruit press.

A pretty sight, a good harvest, lots of pain relief to come from the ruby-red oil.
I have no photos of the tea, or tincture, or
capsules of SJW used to relieve depression,
because I do not make it for that purpose.
Besides, how exciting is a picture of a capsule?
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