Research <> Anya McCoy

Land Planning

1990- 2000 CONCURRENCY AND COMPREHENSIVE PLANS IN FLORIDA. Strategies for land development in the changing legislative climate. How to work with new Comprehensive Plans.

1985-87 FLORIDA GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT. Researched and published guides for developers.  Focus on ways to negotiate and adapt to the changing legislation. Faxed monthly.

1983  ALTERNATIVE FUTURES PLANNING FOR THE NATURAL RESOURCES.  Researched  various methodologies of strategic, long-range and futures planning to determine their applicability and adaptability to alternative futures techniques.  Wrote annotated bibliography and critical review, published by United States Geological Survey and the State University of New York,  Syracuse.

1981-1982 PRIME AGRICULTURAL LANDS.  Initiated research and presented findings on various mechanisms used to preserve agricultural land in a development scenario.  Presented findings at a national conference.

1977-1978 RIVERSIDE CALIFORNIA CITRUS GREENBELT DEVELOPMENT STUDY.  Initiated research and published land use studies of development impacts and regulatory options under California law.  Proposed design guidelines for aesthetics and master planning.

 1992 -  ongoing. FRAGRANT, HERBAL, AND EDIBLE PLANTS OF THE TROPICS.  Compiling a guide to landscaping with fragrant, herbal, and edible plants. Frequently lecture in South Florida on this topic.

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