Publications <> Anya McCoy

Land Development
1991   “A Developer’s Strategy in Response to "Concurrency and the Zoning Re-Evaluation Ordinance”.  Analysis and development recommendations in response to the County Comprehensive Plan.  Copyrighted by law firm.  Paper presented and distributed at seminar sponsored by law firm.

1984   “Alternative Futures Planning - A Critical Review and Annotated Bibliography”.  Long-range and strategic planning techniques in land planning and development.  Published by the State University of New York and the United States Geological Survey.  120 pp.

1982 “Community Planning and Design Strategies”.   Abstract in Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture proceedings, and findings presented at annual meeting.

Horticulture and Gardening
1995, 1996, 1997. ZONE 10 ORGANIC GARDENING.   Writer for Organic Gardening magazine. Zone 10 almanac writer, seed tester for new varieties of vegetables, advisor on all vegetable and fruit growing in South Florida. Almanac column on monthly garden schedule,  and lots of  'how-to'  tips

1978   “Landscaping With Herbs”.  Researched and wrote booklet describing the cultural, historical and design elements of over 160 herbs for the University of California, Riverside Botanical Garden.

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