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(a few days after the final episode of Xena:Warrior Princess aired in the U.S.A.)
Lucy Lawless
My name is Anya McCoy, aka the mama of the fabulous and beautiful Rasta Poodle and I live in Miami Shores, Florida, U.S.A.. 
I  created the newsgroup, propagated on Usenet June 26, 2001.

This webpage is intended to be a point-of-reference for users of the Lucy Lawless newsgroup. Here you will find the original charter and justification statement for the newsgroup, the FAQ from, and lots of links on the actress best known for her role as Xena: Warrior Princess.

Non-Xena images of Lucy on this webpage are from Tom's Xena Page (link below.) Now that the TV show Xena:Warrior Princess has ended, fans of Lucy asked for a newsgroup dedicated to her, the actress, not just the icon, Xena.

Hopefully, this website and the creation of the newsgroup will help with that transition.

UPDATE: Lucy Lawless has signed on to the WB series "Tarzan", which will premier in the U.S. on October 5, 2003 (my birthday, yes, you may send me presents :-) To read more about the series, click on:,7353,||1474,00.html
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This charter is being proposed for the formation of the Usenet newsgroup The career and other topics of interest on the actress Lucy Lawless can be discussed in this newsgroup.  The newsgroup will cover both basic and specific facts and questions about Lucy Lawless. The early career of the New Zealand actress, appearing on stage, in TV commercials, on TV shows, and, most recently (1995-2001) as the icon Xena: Warrior Princess in the cable TV series, are of interest to her many fans.

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are considered to be off-topic. People should put their photos on a webpage or
use a picture host like that will host your picture for public
access and then post the link to the newsgroup.

Spamming is not allowed, and spammers will be reported to their ISP for
appropriate censure. Bootlegs for trade, not sale, are allowed, in keeping
with the noncommercial nature of this newsgroup. Up to four lines of commercial
information will be allowed in a signature.  Flaming/trolls will not be
allowed in the newsgroup, and flamers will be reported to their ISPs.  It is
acceptable to post about your website if it pertains to Lucy Lawless,
whether it contains advertising or not. It is requested that in the
subject header you write:"New Lucy Lawless website" to discern
these posts from the others.

Before posting, you are encouraged to see what has been discussed on the NG.
Often, a search on dejanews will show you a 'thread' on a topic that has
already been covered, and will help bring you up to speed on the subject.

Most of all, just have fun, make friends, be nice and enjoy the vibe.


New Zealand-born actress and singer Lucy Lawless first came to the attention of a worldwide audience with her appearances on the syndicated series Hercules on cable TV. Her varied characters were so popular on that series that a spinoff was created as a vehicle for her, and the character, Xena: Warrior Princess was introduced in 1995.

Xena quickly became an icon of a strong woman warrior, unique and strong and ever-evolving as a human.  Her fans are a devoted bunch, and hundreds of webpages exist in honor or Xena. The newsgroup exists for discussion of that show, its characters, plots, trivia and evolution. The proposed will focus on the actress and her life beyond the role of Xena, realizing that discussions of her character Xena will appear in, also. The archives of are to be found on for those interested in the posts on

Hundreds of  websites exist in homage to Lucy Lawless, the actress, apart from, but inclusive of her role, as Xena, and a quick web search will locate them. Lucy/Xena items are hot on Ebay and other auction sites. "E" TV, an American cable station, recently (early 2001) aired a biography on Lucy, tracing her life from childhood in New Zealand to her career zenith (so far) as Xena. Still in her early 30's, Lucy has expressed a desire to break free from the image and identification of Xena to establish her breadth and depth reputation as an actress and singer. will serve as a forum for all discussions on these topics regarding Lucy Lawless.

Some of the most informational websites are devoted to the character Xena, but there are lots of Lucy sites, too: FAQ -- this FAQ has every bit of information and trivia about Lucy and the show.
Whoosh-- lots of info and links
Lucy Lawless Library --- Lucy in print, on tv, interviews, etc.
Toms' Xena Page -- source for downloads, information, games, links to screensavers, etc.
Flawless site  -- dedicated to everything Lucy, link to fan club, lists, photos, etc.

email me with comments, additions, etc.

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