May 2000
This is what the little Ike,  a shaved, mangy,
starved sad sack looked like one week after his surgery, worming,
shots, etc. He actually looked much worse, I waited a week to take
any pics of him. His 'belly dot com' is pale here due to the shaving.
See below to view what a shiny, healthy coat he has now.

November, 2000

Ike likes to lie down while he eats, and he tilts the nibbles away from
the other cats. He likes to bang the dish until the nibbles fly out, then
he eats them off the floor, or, he'll put his head in the dish in a
Bacchanlian pose, shoveling the nibbles in.
I had to get the big water bowl because he kept moving
the other one around and tipping it over. He loves to splash the water
and chase an icecube around in it, until his paws are soaked and cold -
and he still keeps dunking.

Ike keeps an eye on me from his favorite perch. The Art Deco statue
is his 'girlfriend'. He likes to rub his face on her arms and sleep wrapped
around the statue.

The cute dot on the tummy is very evident here. I dont' think any
of these pictures have captured the funny, happy nature of Ike. He's
always ready to spring into action, wiggling for petting, chasing another
cat, or just doing something goofy.

Here Ike has "tagged" a cat treat I threw to him. He needs/demands
'treat time' in the morning and afternoon, and when the nibble lands,
he runs to it and 'tags' it with his paw, then repositions himself for the
next flying nibble, leaping into the air, and batting it to the ground, then
'tagging' it, again and again.

None of these photos shows how bright pink his nose it, but it is like
a little cherry on top of the white whipped cream of his muzzle. Soooo cute.
Adopt a stray. They make the best pets.

NOVEMBER 2001 Oh, the beautiful boy
I use this photo as my wallpaper on my desktop. I love the way I can see his pink toes in the mirror.

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