Herbie and Lulu
Herbie aka Herbert Farnsworth FartFart the First and his sister Lulu aka Lulupalooza aka Lulu the Zulu showed up
in my backyard on October 21, 2004. What sweet tame kitties :-). I think they were born around Sept. 1, 2004.

If you right click on the photos below and choose "view image" you'll see a larger version.

Herbie in the bowl, Lulu lounging

Herbie is sweet and mellow

He likes to peek and play

Lulu poses showing her cute tummy

Lulu is outgoing and very smart and full of energy

Herbie gets the best of Lulu when they have catnip Yowl!

They are very, very close and love to sleep together. They call and will search if the other kitten isn't around, until they find the other one.

Oh, no! No bath please!

Herbie thinks Lulu makes a nice pillow.
she's a wild and adventurous little girl - a real Lulupalooza ;-)

Sweetest kitties ever